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Tom Branch

Tom Branch I first became involved because I thought it was a shame that men and women who served our community for 20 plus years as a Tulsa Police Officer weren't recognized after their death in the same way that US Military veterans are. A veteran can serve for two years and his grave will be marked with an American Flag every year (and I whole-heartedly support this), but no way exists to recognize the dedication and daily sacrifices of a retired Tulsa Police Officer. Although I still wish there was a way to recognize each and every officer, I am proud that we have located and mark the graves of the 39 Officers who have laid down their lives in the line of duty. This really started for me after Gus Spanos was killed, and then became more of a resolve after Dick Hobson was killed. When the Committee was originally formed Danny Lynchard asked me to serve
to give both an outlet for my passion and to represent all of the Tulsa Police Chaplains. I never imagined it would grow into what it has become today, and words cannot express the pride I feel in being allowed to serve on the Tulsa Police Officers' Memorial Trust.

Ron Trekell

Ron Trekell I joined the Tulsa Police Department in 1964 and Retired in 1987. I have served as the department's historian from 1980 to present, which has enabled me to assist the Tulsa Police Officers' Memorial since 1996.

Marcie Brannon

Marcie Brannon I joined the Tulsa Police Department in July 1984. The majority of my career (as of now) has been as a patrol officer. I was in the Tulsa Police Honor Guard for 2 years. It was a very rewarding two years. I joined the Tulsa Police Officers' Memorial Trust shortly after it was formed. I started out as a trustee and was the Chairman for 3 years and now I am the Co-Chair. I joined because I wanted to be involved with something that remembered and honored our Fallen Officers and their families.

Maureen Goree

Maureen Goree Maureen has been a member of the Tulsa Police Officers' Memorial Committee since 1996. She is a Memorial Trustee and is the Recording Secretary. She married Tulsa Police Officer W.S. (Bill) Goree in June of 1989. They have two teenage sons and Maureen is a full time Mom.

Lisa Ford

Lisa Ford I first got involved as FOP Auxiliary President with a meeting with Doug Cash and Mark Walmerhouser at an FOP Conference and we were talking about the State Memorial and National Memorial and that we should do something for the Tulsa Officers that were killed in the line of duty. As a wife of a Tulsa Police Officer (Ross Ford) and a daughter of a Retired Tulsa Police Sgt. (Ollie Harris) this was definitely something I was very interested in being a part of.

As Mark and Doug made some sketches of what our memorial could look like, the project in my eyes was already underway. I am proud of what has been accomplished by so many dedicated retired and still serving officers, wives of officers and Chaplains. We are so close to completion and I am proud to be a part of the Tulsa Police Memorial Trust.

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